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AC Sanrio amiibo cards coming exclusively to Target in March

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For the first time, the Animal Crossing Sanrio Collaboration amiibo card packs will be releasing in the US on 26th March exclusively via retailer Target. They were originally only released in Europe and Japan so fans of the Japanese pop culture company Sanrio (and Animal Crossing, of course) will have these to look forward to purchasing soon. Nintendo of America broke the news today via Twitter alongside a funky looking update that’s coming in a couple of days and it mentions that the cards will work with compatible software. Sadly, players looking for a ton of new content for Animal Crossing: New Horizons may be disappointed to learn that the cards will only unlock a handful in-game posters.

Still, the cards will give access to more perks such as furniture and clothing in both the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Animal Crossing: New Leaf titles so all is not lost.


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